Alex Leever

US Ski Team



First/Last Name: Alex Leever

Hometown: Vail, CO

Primary Sport & Specialty: Slalom

Other Sports you competed in growing up: Soccer, basketball, lacrosse, hockey, track

Other areas of interest/hobbies: Investments, chess, spike ball, road biking, golf, board games

Your favorite thing about skiing/ski racing: The fact that all body types and skiing styles can have success at the highest level

What has your sport taught you? Time management, commitment, dedication, teamwork, international culture

What inspires/motivates you? The drive to show that it’s possible to make it to the top on the road less traveled (college, skiing independently, etc.)

Sports Nutrition- Power fuel of choice: Honey Stinger waffles and drink mixes (thanks sponsor!)

Sports Physiology- Favorite workout/exercise:

Cleans-it’s the most full body workout where you combine explosive power with static strength, it’s an exercise that really makes you feel strong!

Sports Psychology- Your most valuable mental skill & why?

Treating every race day the same. This is a skill that I’ve been working on my whole career, but trying to not get too rapped up in how “important” a certain race is. Whether it’s a FIS race, a college race, NorAm or World Cup, I try to treat every day like it’s just another race.

Favorite ski resort in the US: Vail, CO! Gotta rep my hometown.

Favorite Race Venue in the world: Schladming, AUT. I have some good memories from there obviously, but beyond the race hill (which is arguably the best SL hill in the world), the atmosphere and the fan presence makes it really feel like the super bowl of skiing.

Have any unusual talents?

Maybe not a talent, but the fact that I’m probably the highest educated athlete on tour right now. I don’t know of anyone else who holds a Masters Degree (mine is in Applied Quantitative Finance), but that future job security really helps me not be stressed about skiing in general, and just try to keep it fun!

Advice to young athletes:

To those who aren’t the most naturally talented (me), hard work and dedication can take you extremely far in this sport. Whether that’s making a college team, the US team, or the World Cup, just keep trying to improve every day and you’ll be surprised where you might end up.

Your motto in life:

Don’t stress too much, life has a way of working itself out!

Your Instagram: @alex_leever