Alice McKennis-Duran

Alpine Ski Racer




The Alligator


New Castle, CO

Primary sport:

Alpine Ski Racing - Downhill, Super-G

Sports background:


Other INTERESts:

Mountain biking, whitewater rafting, fly fishing, home projects, sewing.

Your favorite thing about skiing/ski racing:

The speed and freedom found in the speed.

What has your sport taught you?:

Perseverance, perspective, and dedication.

What inspires/motivates you?

The belief and ability to know that I am in control of my success and career - it all boils down to me and my actions which can be a bit intimidating but also very empowering!

Power fuel of choice:

Overnight oats. I love making overnight oats and having my breakfast ready to go on early mornings with all my favorite goodies

Favorite workout/exercise:

Mountain biking! I love the challenge to push myself up demanding climbs, and the technical skill required in descending

Your most valuable mental skill & why?:

The ability to focus on things that I can actually control. By focusing on things I can actually have an impact on and can control it eliminates the worry of thinking and worrying about things I cannot control ie; weather, snow conditions, course sets, even distractive teammates!

Favorite ski resort in the US:

Sunlight Mountain Resort - Aligator Alleys!

Favorite Race Venue in the world:

St. Anton, Austria

Unusual talent:

I can get a spoon to stick to my nose.

My Advice to Jr Athletes:

Always remember why you started ski racing in the first place...because it's FUN! If you are not having fun ski racing then take some time to reevaluate and find actions you can take to enjoy the sport and challenge of it. Perspective is everything!

My Motto:

Life is short, seize every opportunity you can!

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