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Michael Bingaman

Bing is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist who spent 6 years training Olympic & World Class racers with U.S. Ski Team.

Megan Chacosky

Megan is a Sport Dietician & High Performance Chef who has worked with hundreds of Olympic athletes in over 20 sports.

Pamela Lemons

Dr. Pamela Lemons is a Sport Psychologist with a passion for helping athletes maximize their performance with the help of mental skills.

Doug Lewis

Doug is a 2x Olympian and World Championship medalist who has a passion for inspiring and educating junior athletes.

Mariah Betts

Mariah is our Dig Deep Yoga Instructor who leads weekly Recovery sessions to help athletes gain greater body awareness & mental focus.

Laurenne Ross

Laurenne is a two-time Olympian who has fought through many injuries and comebacks to land on the World Cup podium twice in speed!

Alice McKennis-Duran

Alice is a 13-yr member of the US Ski Team and a 3-Time Olympian whose greatest strength is her ability to attack and push her limits.

Jimmy Krupka

Jimmy is a member of the US Ski Team’s “B Team”. Jimmy’s greatest strength is his intense work ethic combined with his focus on TEAM.

Luke Winters

Luke is on the US Ski Team's B Team roster and is a Tech Specialist. He has proven his speed on the World Cup and now is looking to score his first Podium!

Shannon Bahrke

Shannon is a 3x Olympian and legend in Freestyle skiing with a 10,000 watt personality! She won Olympic silver and bronze in moguls.

Kyle Negomir

Kyle is a member of the US Ski Team’s “B Team”. Kyle is an all around skier with three Top 10 finishes in the World Junior Championships.

Alice Merryweather

Alice is a 2018 Olympian and won the World Jr. Gold in the Downhill. She is on the US Ski Team's "B-Team". Alice is an ELITEAM Alum.

Sam Macuga

Sam is a member of the US Ski Team Nordic Ski Jumper Squad. Sam has twice competed for the USA in the World Junior Championships.

Jacqueline Wiles

Jacqueline is a speed skier on the US Ski Team’s "B Team" and known for her aggressive and "no fear" style. She excels at speed events.

River Radamus

Two-time Junior World Champion (GS & SG) and now trying to race to his first GS World Cup Podium.

Ali Spencer

Ali works with the US Ski Team as a physical Trainer and PT for Women's Alpine. She grew up racing for GMVS and is an ELITEAMer!

Jett Seymour

Jett is a member of the US Ski Team’s “B-Team”. Jett scored his first World Cup point in '21 and looks to move into the top 30 in '22.

Lauren Macuga

Lauren is an ELITEAM Alum who made the jump to the US Ski in 2020 on the speed team and was on the podium of the US Nationals DH.

Atle Lie McGrath

A member of the Norwegian Ski Team, Atle had his break through race in the Giant Slalom in Alta Badia in 2021 with his first WC Podium.

Keely Cashman

Keely joined the US Ski Team in 2018 after growing up ripping around Squaw Valley Ski Area. She already has a National Championship.

Samuel Dupratt

Sam realized his dream of landing on the US Ski Team in 2020 after competing on the NCAA circuit for the University of Utah.

Ava Jemison

Ava, from Edwards, Colo., and Burke Mountain Academy, posted great results during the 2021 season earning her a spot on the U.S. Ski Team

Allie Resnick

Allie is a new member of the US Ski Team's D Team and attending Dartmouth this Fall. Her specialties are the tech events of Slalom and Giant Slalom.

Sam Morse

Sam is on the US Ski Team's B Team and a World Jr. Champion in DH in 2017. He rides off-road Unicycle!

Tricia Mangan

Tricia is a 2018 Olympian and a 6-time Podium finisher at the US Nationals. She is a GS/SL Tech specialist looking to return to the World Stage in 2022.

George Steffey

George represented the US Ski Team at the Jr World Championships in 2017 & 2018 and ranked 2nd in the country in GS in 2020.

Zoe Zimmermann

Zoe is an ELITEAM Alum and 2021 marks her third year on the US Ski Team. She ran her first World Cup this past season!

Storm Klomhaus

Just nominated to the Team, Storm is already aiming high! Her goals for the 2021-22 season include making the U.S. Olympic team, and going for top 15 finishes in World Cups.

Dasha Romanov

Watch out for Dasha! She was just named to the US Ski Team. She's highly motivated and has big dreams in the ski racing world!

AJ Hurt

AJ raced her first World Cup at age 16! She has established herself as a multi-event skier and has two national titles to her name.