Jimmy Krupka

Alpine Ski Racer




Jimmy Who?


Fayston, Vermont

Hometown now:

Vail, Colorado

Primary Sport & Specialty:

Alpine Ski Racing -Slalom, GS, Super-G<

Sports background:

Lacrosse, Soccer

Other Interests:

Surfing, mountain biking, podcasting

Your favorite thing about skiing/ski racing:

Obviously, ripping arcs is one of my favorite things in the world. Ski racing also gives me a purpose in the world - a reason to get up at the crack of dawn, to work out until I literally collapse; that is my favorite thing about it.

What has your sport taught you?

Mental toughness. One type of mental toughness is overcoming physical pain, like cold toes, Assault Bike intervals, or a broken leg. Another type is doing the little things, everyday, even if you don’t want to. But the most important type of mental toughness that ski racing taught me is overcoming the emotional pain of failure and trekking on with renewed vigor and positivity.

What inspires/motivates you?

Honestly, a different thing motivates me everyday. Some days, I think about winning a World Cup and watching the crowd go wild. Other days I just want to beat a certain person. Some days my teammates help motivate me. Sometimes I think about all the people invested in my ski career. But at the end of the day, it’s just a love of the sport. A love so deep that skiing is really just my purpose, my path in life. I promised myself at 6 years old that I would win a World Cup, and that is a promise I’ll do everything in my power to keep.

Power fuel of choice:


Favorite workout/exercise:

Good ol’ fashioned hill sprints

Your most valuable mental skill & why?

Enjoying ski racing in its entirety. Some people forget to enjoy skiing. And most people hate the gritty, horrible parts. I love it all.

Favorite race venue in the world:

Howelson Hill night slalom, Steamboat Springs, CO

Unusual talent:

Can play Guitar Hero on Expert mode

My Advice to Jr Athletes:
Work as hard as you possibly can. 

My Motto:
People, Smiling, and Hard Work are the three most important things in life, usually in that order.

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