Shannon Bahrke

Freestyle Skiing - Moguls



Lake Tahoe, CA

Hometown now:
Salt Lake City, UT

Primary Sport:
Freestyle Mogul Skiing

Sports background:
Soccer, mountain biking, roller blading, basketball, softball and track

Other interests:
I love to do any sport outside like mountain biking, riding dirt bikes, hiking, swimming, hanging out on our boat, doing yoga, rock climbing and playing with my kiddos.

Your favorite thing about skiing: 
The thing I love most about skiing is being in the sunshine with my friends and feeling the speed under my feet. Skiing gives me such a sense of freedom and happiness that nothing else gives me.

What has your sport taught you? 
If you show up, put your head down and work harder than you ever thought possible you can never be disappointed with your performance because you truly gave it everything you had.

What inspires/motivates you? 
The thing that inspires me the most is that I am not a naturally gifted athlete and as an underdog I love to prove people wrong! I love to do the impossible, that’s pretty fun!

Power fuel of choice:
Nothing beats avocado toast in the morning and a simple PB & J after a hard workout or training. And water, lots and lots of water!!

Favorite workout or exercise:
My favorite workout exercise are burpees because they never get easier and I hate them the same each time. But deep down I know that when I’m doing them I’m doing the work others are not willing to do, and that is my competitive advantage!!

Your most valuable mental skill & why?
Positive self talk and visualizing 100 perfect competition moguls each and every single day!

Favorite ski resort in the US:
Squaw Valley USA

Favorite race venue in the world:
Champion at Deer Valley, UT

Unusual talent:
I used to play the trumpet.


My Advice to Jr Athletes:
Your passion, drive, work ethic, grit and determination can come from no one else but you. Your parents, coaches, friends and family can all be there to help you and support you, but in the end it truly does come down to YOU.

My Motto:
The hard days are the best days, because those are the days when Champions are made!

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