Kyle Negomir

Alpine Ski Racer



Littleton CO

Primary Sport & Specialty:
Alpine ski racer - GS/SG/DH

Sports background:
Football, waterskiing, lacrosse

Other Interests:
Biking, climbing, really anything outside

Your favorite thing about skiing/ski racing: 
Getting to travel the world with your best friends and play a game for a living

What has your sport taught you?
Skiing has taught me time-management, humility, and how to really commit to something and pour everything you have into it.

What inspires/motivates you?
I get inspiration from so many places, from my parents being great role models in life to watching my teammates and the guys I spend the entire year with working hard and living up to their potential.

Power fuel of choice:
PB&J tucked in your jersey for a mid-ride snack

Favorite workout or exercise:

Your most valuable mental skill & why?
I think confidence is the single most important skill you have to have in ski racing, because if you show up planning on winning you’re gonna do a lot better than if you show up just wanting to make it to the finish.

Favorite ski resort in the US:
Copper Mountain, CO

Favorite race venue in the world:
Wengen, Switzerland

My Advice to Jr Athletes:
Go fast and take chances; things always seem like bigger risks now than they will looking back in five years, so take as many of them as possible.

My Motto:
Nothing worth having is ever easy.

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