Jett Seymour

Alpine Ski Racer



Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Primary Sport & Specialty:
Alpine Ski Racer - Slalom and Giant Slalom

Sports background:
Soccer, Lacrosse, Mountain Biking, Nordic Skiing

Other Interests:
Mountain Bike, Surf, Backpacking.

Your favorite thing about skiing/ski racing: 
Coming down into the lead on second runs. A day of training when something clicks in your skiing.

What has your sport taught you? 
Ski racing has taught me to be humble. I have worked a lot throughout my career on being able to admit when I didn't ski well and why, along with recognizing when someone skied better than me and congratulating them. This has allowed me to make some friends!!

What inspires/motivates you? 
I am inspired by my family. They are so proud of me and to see all that they have sacrificed for me pay off has been pretty cool. I have always worked as hard as I can at everything that I have done and I see no reason that should ever change.

Power fuel of choice:
I always eat yogurt and granola before I ski and I am constantly eating snacks on the hill. My favorite snack is probably Peanut m&m's

Favorite workout/exercise:
I really enjoy Power Cleaning.

Your most valuable mental skill & why?
I would say my most valuable mental skill is being able to full-on send it on race days no matter what my confidence level is. I used to always struggle with that and now it has become easier and easier. I am still working on it and always will be.

Favorite ski resort in the US:
Steamboat Springs... Mt. Werner and Howelsen Hill

Favorite race venue in the world:
Howelsen Hill

Have any unusual talents?
I can unicycle

My Advice to Jr Athletes:
Results don't matter. Every day as a young athlete you should be striving to improve your skiing and your mental skills. That is what will get you to the next level.

My Motto:
Why not?

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