Storm Klomhaus

US Ski Team




Stormy or Mrots

Hometown (orig):

Boulder, CO

Hometown (NOW):

Park City, UT

Primary sport:

Alpine Ski Racing - SL, GS, SG

Sports background:

Unicycling & Mtn Biking

Other INTERESts:

Playing Scrabble, working out, yoga.

Your favorite thing about skiing/ski racing:

You can always go faster, so the work is never done.

What has your sport taught you?:

Ski racing has taught me that hard work pays off. It has taught me how to commit and work towards a goal with everything I have, and sacrifice to get there. Skiing has also taught me how to turn an unfavorable thing (injury, surgery, etc) into the most motivating thing ever.

What inspires/motivates you?

To me, motivation and inspiration are a little different. Getting better motivates me. The perfect ski racing turn inspires me; a turn where everything lines up perfectly and powerfully, and you can tell it's fast without a clock.

Power fuel of choice:

My fuels of choice are a big breakfast when on-snow training, and a post workout shake when off-snow gym training. I eat as much as I can with my big breakfast including eggs, ham, sourdough toast, fruit, avocado, tomatoes, and brie cheese. My go-to post workout shake has whey protein, collagen, creatine, whole milk, whole milk yogurt, orange juice, mango, avocado, kale, and a banana. I focus mostly on eating enough everyday - that was my biggest mistake when younger. 

Favorite workout/exercise:

My favorite exercise is power/squat cleans; I love the power, strength, and technique that is required for cleans. My favorite overall workouts are HIIT workouts; I like how quick and intense they are.

Your most valuable mental skill & why?:

The most valuable mental skill I have acquired is the ability to target and focus on very specific cues, especially on race day when there are excess distractions. I am a huge over-thinker and a pretty anxious racer, but no matter my nerves or feelings about the race, if I can aim my attention at one or two cues (two technical or tactical items), I can perform at a much more consistent rate. 

Favorite ski resort in the US:


Favorite Race Venue in the world:

Coronet Peak, New Zealand

My Advice to Jr Athletes:

There is no timeline on success - just because you don't make the national team at 16 years old doesn't mean you can't make it to and ski at the World Cup level one day. Everyone's path is different, so don't get discouraged early on. You have so much more time than you think, so keep your head down and keep working hard, and you'll get there.

My Motto:

The best is yet to come.

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