Dasha Romanov

US Ski Team






Thornton, CO

Primary sport:

Alpine Ski Racing - tech events

Sports background:

Gymnastics, Mtn biking, Parkour

Other INTERESts:

Biking, hiking, climbing, aquatic activities, reading, SLEEPING.

Your favorite thing about skiing/ski racing:

My favorite thing about ski racing, as well as skiing, is the feeling when you’re just skiing down the mountain without any thoughts in your head; just enjoying what you are doing and what is around you.

What has your sport taught you?:

Alpine ski racing has taught me how to be competitive against myself and to strive to improve myself.

What inspires/motivates you?

Being a better athlete for myself. I am never satisfied where I am now and am motivated to be the best version that I can be. Also, going faster is fun!

Power fuel of choice:

My favorite dinner when I’m training : Quinoa bowl with sweet potato, brussels sprouts, chicken, avocado, and broccoli!

Favorite workout/exercise:

My favorite type of workout is lifting - I like cleans and back squats the most.

Your most valuable mental skill & why?:

My most valuable mental skill is staying motivated even when I feel like nothing is going right. When I feel stagnant, I stick with training and working hard because there is always improvement ahead: you just have to keep working to get to your goals.

Favorite ski resort in the US:

Sun Valley! Such fun freeskiing and a really technical/challenging hill for racing.

Favorite Race Venue in the world:

Sun Valley GS hill - super challenging and really rewarding when you ski well. For SL, my favorite hill as of now is Adelboden. I really liked the terrain and new challenges that came with racing in a different country.

Unusual talent:

I’m super flexible and can do the splits!

My Advice to Jr Athletes:

My most important piece of advice is to stay motivated for yourself in your sport & passion. You are your biggest supporter and if you’re not pushing yourself then how do you expect others to push you.

My Motto:

Be happy! I always try to remind myself to stay positive even when I’m incredibly frustrated or unhappy. Good emotions are a motivator.

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