Sam Macuga

Nordic Ski Jumper




Park City, UT

Primary sport:

Ski Jumping

Sports background:

Ski Racing

Your favorite thing about skiing/ski racing:


What has your sport taught you?:

Sports have taught me that confidence can be taught. Fake it till you make it is very real, and having a good attitude towards something always brings about a better outcome. Basically, no matter the situation, as long as you go into it with confidence (even if you don’t really feel like you can do it) you can make it. It may not turn out exactly how you picture it, but confidence will carry you through.

What inspires/motivates you?

My teammates, especially those I’ve known for years, inspire me to work harder through their own hard work and achievements.

Power fuel of choice:

Yogurt with granola and berries.

Favorite workout/exercise:

Plyometrics (hurdles and different jumps).

Your most valuable mental skill & why?:

Recognizing when something can be learned from. Even if it may take some time, negative moments in sport can always be looked back upon and learned from. Whether it be a bad competition day where you can find new things to work on or an unproductive training session where you realize something in your routine needs to change; bad days in sport are only bad in the present, and need to be utilized in the future as a lesson.

Favorite ski resort in the US:


Favorite Race Venue in the world:

Holmenkollen - Oslo, Norway

My Advice to Jr Athletes:

Working up to the next level can take many, many tries, often with very small steps, there are often even times where it feels like you’re moving backward, but as long as you keep trying, it can happen. Long-term goals, whether athletic or not, are a marathon, not a sprint.

My Motto:

Do it for yourself (chase your happiness and goals).

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