Ali Spencer

US Ski Team Trainer



First/Last Name: Ali Spencer
Nickname: (optional)
Hometown (where you grew up): Fayston, VT
Hometown (now, if different from above): East Burke, VT
Sports you competed in growing up: Ski racing, soccer, lacrosse
Other areas of interest/hobbies: (Ex. When you’re not working/skiing, what do you like to do?) Mountain Biking, Hiking, Tennis, Snowmobiling
Your favorite thing about skiing/ski racing: My favorite part of skiing is being completely in the moment and being able to let all of the stressors of life go
What has your sport taught you? Oh gosh, this sport has taught me so much about life. Hard work, dedication, loyalty, the ability to face and puzzle my way through obstacles, the ability to focus on what I can control vs. extrinsic factors, the importance of collaboration and team work, communication skills, and I think most importantly, the ability to chase after what I want in life without fear or hesitation.
What inspires/motivates you? I’m inspired by my teammates working hard alongside me and we well as the reward of reaching my goals
What is your job at the USST? I am the assistant coach and athletic trainer for the Women’s Development Team
What is one thing a U12/U14 can do daily to help them stay injury free as an Athlete? Do it all! Don’t limit yourself to one sport or one movement pattern, play lots of sports, do all the activities, and expose yourself to constantly learning new things.
What do you see in the USST athletes you coach as their biggest mental strength? My athletes ability to focus and execute the task at hand
Have any unusual talents? (optional)
Advice to young athletes: hard work and grit is so incredibly important, but don’t forget to stop along the way, smell the flowers and ALWAYS HAVE FUN
Your motto in life: work hard, take chances
Your Instagram: @acspenc