Pamela Lemons

Sports Psychologist




Sports Psychology, PhD
Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC)

I came to the field of sport psychology by way of music, along with athletics.  I realized that playing an instrument (clarinet) and performing, is just the same as when I dove and ran track, in high school and college, or competed in triathlons after college.  The method used to prepare was the same.  Performance is performance. The mindset is the same no matter what you are “performing”.

I enjoy working with a wide range of disciplines from professional athletes, to amateurs alike, and both the young and old! I work with a multitude of athletes including NCAA teams, MMA fighters, Rodeo riders, golfers, soccer & lacrosse players, figure skaters and skiers. I also work with lawyers, doctors, CEO’s, and other corporate individuals that want to increase their chances for success, whatever that success looks like to them! Truthfully, anyone that wants to be better at what they do, I am happy to help guide them on their journey.

I feel incredibly blessed to do what I do. I have helped athlete’s maximize their opportunity at achieving success by systematically educating them on mental training skills. I love teaching athletes about self awareness; understanding their strengths and opportunities for improvement; setting goals and creating purposeful practice for their training; learning mindfulness and breath control techniques; self talk; energy management; competition strategies; or just plain communication with teammates or coaches.   

I am also a college professor and teach both undergraduate and graduate psychology classes in sport psychology, human development, social psychology, personality development, biopsychology, and psychopathology. Teaching college courses each semester enables me to stay current on the latest research and techniques. 


Good to be Here!
I am excited to be a part of the Dig Deep program because I believe that educating the youth is where you get the biggest bang for your buck! If you train them young, they will learn these lessons that carry over throughout their life. It is much easier to train them correctly, than fix mistakes later on down the road.

My Motto:
Several motto’s drive me. “FUN” is the title of the book that I am writing which is a mental training primer for athletes, parents, and coaches alike. It stands for Forget Unnecessary Nonsense! Secondly, “Filling in the blanks” is what I try to do for the people that I work with.  Helping them put the right thoughts in their mind. Finally, “learning and having fun are not mutually exclusive”. 

My Advice to Jr Athletes: 
Mental training IS very serious, but we can  have fun while learning the techniques. Happy performing!!!